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Online Trolling

online trolling

Some people just find satisfaction by annoying or attacking others online. This activity is known as Online Trolling. 

What is Online Trolling? 
Trolling is when an Internet user is abusive or obnoxious by posting provocative comments in hopes of starting arguments or upsetting people in online communities. 

Why do some people enjoy being Internet Trolls? 
Due to the relatively anonymous nature of the Internet, it is a place where people feel they can do things without consequences. An insecure person can get a sense of power online, without having to face someone directly. 

How should I deal with an Internet Troll? 
Trolls cannot be reasoned with. Arguing with them just fuels their need for attention. The way to deal with a troll is to remove their audience, remove their power, and deprive them of attention. 

  • Ignore the troll. Don’t respond to unpleasant, immature or offensive comments. Giving a troll attention only gives them more power. 
  • Block the troll. If they pop up under a different name, block them again. 
  • Report the troll to site administrators. If enough people report the troll, this will prompt the moderators to take action.