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Online Predators

online predator

We need to be very careful about who we speak to and email because there are bad people who will pretend to be your friend. These people will try to make friends with you but actually they want to hurt you. They can find you through instant messaging, online games and social networks like Facebook and Instagram. 

Bad people will look for: 

  • Children who have problems with their parents 
  • Children who may have been bullied 
  • Children who are not happy with their lives 

If you think you are having one of these problems, be very careful and make sure that you tell a parent, guardian or teacher who you trust. 

Tell your parents or guardian right away if: 

  • Someone you don’t know wants to be your friend 
  • Someone wants to give you a present or money 
  • Someone you met online asks you to meet them 


  • Always ask your parents or guardian about being safe on the computer. 
  • Only use the Internet where your parents can see the computer screen. 
  • Don’t send pictures to people you don’t know in real life. 
  • If you are unhappy or not sure about someone on the Internet, then tell your parents or guardian right away. 
  • Never agree to meet strangers face to face. 
  • Never tell anyone your real name, address or your school or give any information about your family online. 

Keep yourself and your family and friends safe!