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Multi-Factor Authentication

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Multiple Factor Authentication is when a user successfully presents two or more pieces of evidence to an authentication device to gain access to an online account.

Examples of multi-factor authentication 

  • Password & e-mail verification 
  • Password & SMS code verification 
  • SMS code verification & PIN code 

Benefits of multi-factor authentication 

  • Provides an added layer of security for your online accounts in case your password is compromised 
  • Easy to implement 

Enable Multi-Factor Authentication on your apps 

  • WhatsApp 
    Settings > Account > Two-Step Verification 
  • Facebook 
    Settings & Privacy > Settings > Security and Login > Use Two-Factor Authentication 
  • Instagram 
    Settings > Security > Two-Factor Authentication 
  • Twitter 
    Settings and privacy > Account > Security > Two-Factor Authentication 
  • LinkedIn 
    Settings > Account > Two-Factor Verification 
  • Telegram 
    Settings > Privacy and Security > Two-Step Verification