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How to Secure Your Smartphone

The Lazy Person’s Guide to Securing Your Smartphone

Mobile phones are getting smarter, but are we? You might want to take these simple steps to secure your phones.

1. Set the magic number 

Setting up a passcode is the easiest way to protect the data stored inside your phone. 

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2. Just say no 

If your phone is asking to save your password or use your location, simply say no. This will lower the risk of people accessing your personal accounts or details if someone manages to get into your device. 

Another reason not to enable your location is to avoid exposing your current location to stalkers or predators. But even if your phone is secured don’t you think having your every movement tracked by your search engine is a bit creepy?

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3. Reject 

If you receive a call from a number you don’t know, especially when it’s from overseas, it’s best not to pick up the call.

If the incoming call is important, surely the caller would leave a message when the call goes unanswered. Chances are, some of the unknown numbers you receive are from social engineers who would trick you into giving your personal details by promising you products, services or prizes. They might even create a false sense of urgency such as by saying your computer is under a virus attack and cause panic to convince you to make a payment to salvage the situation.

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4. Check app reviews 

If the rating for an app is low and users’ reviews are terrible or non-existent, why download it at all?

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5. Set owner contact info as your wallpaper 

The easiest way to display “in case of emergency” details is by setting it as your lock screen wallpaper.

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Displaying your contact information is useful if you tend to misplace your phone. If it gets picked up by a good samaritan, this would make it easier for them to return your phone.