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Dealing with Your Teen’s Online Relationship

online teen relationship

A lot of pre-teens and teenagers spend most of their time communicating with friends online. With that, parents are not able to entirely monitor their children’s online activities. 

One of the worst things that could happen is if a young teen gets into an online relationship with a complete stranger. To avoid this as much as possible, parents can: 

  • Provide an environment at home where children can communicate openly with parents about their problems instead of confiding to a complete stranger online. 
  • Keep children busy with healthy and educational activities after school hours. For example, take a walk in the park or invite them to help prep a meal, bake, or do some craft work. This will help build stronger bonds between parents and children. 
  • Communicate in a friendly manner. No one likes a stern confrontation. 
  • Help your child if they happen to show any warning signs from being online, such as being withdrawn and quieter than usual, or gets very angry when they can’t go online. Check if they are receiving gifts from someone unfamiliar and look out if they quickly turn off their computer or change screens immediately when a parent enters the room.