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Creating Unique Passphrase

password according to blood type

Blood typecasting in some East Asian countries such as Japan and Korea is as popular as horoscope reading in the West. There is an intense belief that blood type can be an influencing factor in a person’s life, just as how astrological signs are perceived. 

So what is your password management style based on the Japanese blood type personality chart? 


One of the best traits of blood type A is being cautious, but they can also be obsessive. It’s likely these people have strong passwords but they might not bother to change it due to their obsessiveness. 


Keep your password phrase the same but change it according to the month. 

For example:

In January your password may look like this:  


As for February, you might change it to:  




Those who have blood type B are creative people. On the down side, they’re also forgetful. You might have unique passwords but forget what it is. 


Change your password monthly. To combat your forgetfulness, you could create a password out of the main event of each month, such as your mum’s birthday or your car insurance renewal month! 

For example:

Mum’s 56th birthday = MuMs_56tH_P!B3d3y 

Car insurance expiry = C@r.1n$uRaN5.Xp!rEd 

School holiday = CuT!+53KuLa# 


The worst personality trait of this blood group is actually the best attribute in terms of password management. They are simply unpredictable and so are their passwords! They might just mash up two words that you wouldn’t even put together in a single sentence. 

For example: 

Selipar Jepun masak merah = S3L!p@rJePuN*M@$aK*R3D 

Niniku belusir = N!n1kU&B3LuS!r 

Wantan betaburan = W4nT@N-beT4BuR@& 


The best trait of this blood type is they’re sociable. Worst? They have split personality! They tend to adjust their personality according to their social circle – they might be strict around their children but complacent among acquaintances and fun among their close peers. 

Split personality is a good trait when it comes to password management. It can be applied to different accounts just as it’s applied to different social groups. 

For example:

Create passwords according to how you use different online accounts. 

Tinder:          Mencari jodoh = M3nC4r1_J0D0# 

Instagram:    For stalking my ex = 4+St4Lk1Ng+X 

Facebook:     Baca newsfeed = B4C@.N3w$f33d