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5 Tips To Stay Safe While Gaming Online

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Here are 5 tips to be safe while gaming online:  

Tip #1 - Beware of cheat codes & programs 

Yes, sometimes we have trouble getting to the next level as games are designed to be challenging. A ‘cheat’ code or program can help gamers to have shortcuts without spending so much time on the game. However, downloading the ‘cheat’ may contain viruses or spyware without you realizing it.  

Tip #2 - Avoid using personal information  

When you register for the game, avoid using your personal information as your gaming username.  The Internet can be an information minefield – by keying in your personal information, there's a chance for it to be compromised. A good social engineer can use your information to impersonate you or use it against you.  

Tip #3 - Beware of cyberbullies 

Online games usually enable users to interact with each other, and most of the time, this can be very helpful to share tips and tricks. However, irresponsible users could take advantage of this feature to cyber bully other players by using foul language or making them feel uncomfortable. Many games offer ways of reporting toxic behaviors and rude language so make sure to report users who behave badly online.  

Tip #4 - Choose original over pirated games 

By using a pirated copy of a game, you are not able to update and patch to the latest version of the game and there would be no support of upcoming updates that can enhance your gaming experience. Your computer is also at risk from being infected by malware that is embedded in pirated game files. Once installed, the malware can be activated and can potentially crash your computer or destroy your data.  Purchasing an original copy can also save you from breaking the law and violating intellectual property rights of the software authors. 

Tip #5 - Use parental controls 

If you’re a parent and let your children play online games, make sure to enable ‘parental-controls’ feature on your computer. This will allow you to restrict which games are suitable from them to play as some games are not designed for kids to experience due to its adult content or inappropriate language.